Adrian Lander is an advertising photographer based in Australia. His personal work is of an unbeatable quirky style, impacting -in such a way- his commercial work.

Where were you born and where are you now?

I was born near Brighton, in the UK of the 70s. I have been living in Melbourne and Sydney since the 94, when I came to Australia on a working holiday visa with my now wife, who is Australian.

Does your location influence your photography?

I certainly think that where I live and work influences my outlook of the world, and therefore, my photography.

I live in inner city Melbourne, which is pretty lively and there is always loads of things going on: music, street art, galleries and restaurants. I am also fortunate that my work takes me around the country.

How did you had the idea of this series?

I was travelling through Vietnam along with my family in January, and I was looking for a serie or two to shoot while I was there.

We were in an area called Doc Let Beach, in Central Vietnam. On a morning walk along the beach there was a lot of debris; washed-up plastic bottles, bags, fishing nets, deflated inflatables and around a 50 meters stretch of clothing.

I always carry my camera so I started taking pictures, and over the next few days more and more clothes started to appear, emerging from the sand.

I kept thinking about how the clothes got there: was it a fishing boat that sank? Were they just dumped on the beach? Maybe a refugees boat that sank?

What gear did you use for this series?

I have always had a soft spot for Fujifilm cameras. I started my career using the excellent Fujifilm GX680 medium format camera: it was the ultimate medium format with tilt shift and multi format capabilities.

I also have a XPan Panoramic film camera, which is made by Fujifilm and Hasselblad as well. Since then, I have been using Hasselblad and Phase one -- the lens (I think) are made by Fujinon, Canon and Arca Swiss. Way too many cameras!

For fun and travelling I have a Fujifilm X100T and a Fujifilm X-Pro2. On this trip, I took my new X-Pro2 and the XF27mm pancake lens, a Zeiss Touit 32mm, the Rokinon 12mm and the 45mm XPan lens with an adaptor, and the 58mm .

I just couldn’t decide what to leave behind! I ended up mostly using the pancake on this trip. I am looking forward to checking out the medium format Fujifilm GFX50s in the future.

What advice can you offer on finding a personal style in photography?

The best advice to develop a personal style is to shoot subjects and set-ups that interest you. It is difficult to do, but I would also avoid being overly saturated with online photography. Choose what you want to look at more carefully. And, more importantly, keep shooting and experimenting.

Even after 20 years as a professional photographer, I still learn something new on every shoot.

Where can we see more of your work?

The best place to see my work is my website. For stills look for and for motion just check
You can also find me on Instagram @adrianlander or @filmbyalf.